Texas inmate gets put to death

Texas inmate who claimed intellectual disability is executed for raping, killing family

Reed and his lawyers have touched on deep-rooted, systemic racism, an issue that has wrongfully connected black men to violence against white women throughout American history. But she said in a Dr.

Texas inmate Robert Jennings executed for Houston officer's death

Phil interview , and Reed and his lawyers have also claimed, that such a relationship was not common in their town at the time. S Supreme Court recently. During his decades on death row, Reed, represented by the Innocence Project, has presented to the courts more and more witnesses and experts, including those who testified at his trial, that they say turns guilt away from Reed and toward Fennell.

At his trial in , experts testified that Stites was sexually assaulted just before her death, which the medical examiner estimated happened around the time she would have been driving to work at around 3 a. Since then, the medical examiner has clarified in an affidavit that it would be impossible to pinpoint an exact time. A police officer said she heard Fennell say that he would strangle Stites with a belt if he ever found out she cheated on him. Another deputy from a different county said Fennell told him before the murder that he believed Stites was having sex with a black man.

Phillips, Fennell's lawyer, said the "late-in-the-game, hail mary" witnesses are unbelievable and pale in comparison to the evidence against Reed. Supreme Court. Bastrop County Criminal District Attorney Bryan Goertz and Texas Assistant Attorney General Matthew Ottoway said in a filing last month that the evidence against Reed was strong, referencing his semen and the appearance of abduction and sexual assault.

DNA evidence connected him to some of the assaults, the state said, but the cases have never moved forward and Reed has never been found guilty in the cases. His team and Reed have asked for further DNA testing, more advanced than what was available in the s, for those cases, but the state has not allowed it, Benjet said. An appeal in federal court on additional DNA testing, including of the belt, and another in the U. Supreme Court about the changed analysis in forensic evidence are pending. But he has also written a letter to Abbott and the parole board, on top of the standard clemency petition filed shortly before an execution asking for a change of sentence or more time for review.

Death Row : The Final 24 Hours (Documentary)

Rodney Reed was sentenced to death for the murder of Stacey Stites in Bastrop. Courtesy KXAN.

Texas executions: the most controversial cases

Reference Texas House lawmakers' letter to Gov. Greg Abbott and the parole board Sandra Reed, Rodney Reed's mother, calls for an end to the death penalty and a fair trial for her son at the Texas Capitol on Oct. If a victim was raped but not disrobed, the case generated an average of 4. If the victim was raped and disrobed, the newspaper published an average of Thus, sexual degradation alone — in the absence of intense media coverage — does not necessarily move the DA [district attorney] to seek death.

But sexual degradation cases that catch the eye of the media also catch the eye of the DA.

Texas executes death row inmate Justen Hall | The Texas Tribune

The data strongly suggest that the DA is aware of, and responsive to, media coverage of pending capital murder cases. Translational Issues in Psychological Science , For this study, researchers sought to determine whether U. The researchers recruited U. Each participant also answered questions aimed at measuring their political orientation and other factors that might influence their decision-making, including their level of anti-immigrant bias.

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Overall, survey participants gave harsher sentences to immigrant defendants than they did to defendants described as being born in the U. Law and Human Behavior , Researchers conducted a national, web-based survey of a random sample of U.

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A Texas death row inmate who claimed he was intellectually disabled has been executed for fatally stabbing his two stepsons during a A Texas inmate who claimed he was intellectually disabled was executed Wednesday for fatally stabbing his two stepsons during an attack.

Respondents were asked to read a 1,word, four-page trial summary outlining the facts of a mock murder case, which was based on transcripts from actual murder trials in California. Survey participants — half were women and the vast majority were white — had to choose to convict or acquit the defendant.

Participants were given a version of the trial summary, which differed in two ways. In some versions, the defendant faced a death sentence while in others, he faced life in prison without the possibility of parole. The main takeaways: Participants chose to convict nearly The demonstration that sentence severity, specifically, the possibility of a death sentence, has a qualitatively different effect on verdicts for ostensibly Black and White defendants is novel. This study looks at the link between jury decisions in capital offense cases and the sex composition of juries in North Carolina between and The researchers did not find a statistically significant relationship between male-majority juries and sentencing decisions.

Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment , The personality traits that defendants exhibit during capital murder trials influence whether or not laypeople think they deserve the death penalty, this study suggests. In all three studies, students recruited from a university in the southern U. Our findings converge with other research … suggesting that perceived lack of remorse carries considerable weight in terms of influencing legal decision-makers.

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Debate Juveniles Death-qualified jury Dual sovereignty doctrine Execution drug shortage Exonerations Participation of medical professionals Race and capital punishment Wrongful executions. Movers List. Impeachment politics face test in Kentucky election. He was declared dead at 6. The researchers did not find a statistically significant relationship between male-majority juries and sentencing decisions.

Criminology , This study finds that citizens of several European countries, including France, Great Britain and Spain, were more likely to support capital punishment if they were intolerant of racial and ethnic minorities. The researchers analyzed a variety of surveys conducted in European nations between and The researchers also find that European youth with anti-immigrant attitudes were more likely to support capital punishment.

http://leondumoulin.nl/language/fable/john-browns-baby.php To Execute or Not to Execute? Journal of Criminal Just ice, In this study, researchers examine whether the public agreed with a move by states in the s to extend the death penalty to convicted sex offenders. The researchers also find that people who believe sex offenders are prone to recidivism and that the criminal justice system does not do enough to address sex crime were more likely to support the death penalty for sex offenders. Journal of Quantitative Criminology , Researchers analyzed multiple published studies to try to gauge how effectively capital punishment deters homicide.

What they learned: the academic literature is inconclusive. The authors also note the difficulty of studying the effects of the death penalty, considering states generally execute only a few people per year. American Economic Review , Journal of Forensic Sciences , While death row inmates in the U. They also are more likely to commit suicide than males over age 15 who are not incarcerated, according to this study.

From to , there were an average of 2.